Lane County Butterfly Club-Links

Butterflies of Lane County and Oregon

Butterfly Basics

General information about butterflies. Click Here

Butterflies of Lane County – iNaturalist

A project to collect photos of Butterflies of Lane County. Click Here

Butterflies of Oregon

See a comprehensive list of butterflies in Oregon with photos and information on Neil Bj√∂rklund’s site.
Click Here

Butterfly Photography

Jay Cossey: Photographing Butterflies

Jakub Jasinski: Photographing Butterflies

Butterfly Humor

Terry Johnson: Butterfly Box Scam?

Taylor’s Checkerspot & Mardon Skipper
In December 2002, the Xerces Society & others petitioned USFWS to list Taylor’s Checkerspot and Mardon Skipper under the Endangered Species Act.

Xerces Society webpage on the petitions

Fender’s blue butterfly

OSU article on Fender’s blue

Federal Register Listing for Fender’s blue (PDF–you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view)

Oregon Silverspot butterfly

Federal Register Listing for Oregon Silverspot (PDF–you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view)

Recovery Plan for Oregon Silverspot (PDF–you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view)

Mormon Fritillary

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