Spring 1997:
Help Save Regal Fritillaries

The last remaining viable population of Regal Fritillaries in the eastern United States is at the Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation in Pennsylvania. Until recently, this species was officially listed as a candidate species for the Federal Endangered Species List, but congresspersons, representing short-sighted and rapacious interests have succeeding in gutting this portion of the Endangered Species Act. The Pennsylvania National Guard, now believing that Regal Fritillaries are not federally protected, has proposed several projects (involving tracked vehicle maneuvering areas) that, if implemented, will result in the destruction of 260 acres of Regal Fritillary habitat (roughly 50% of the available habitat). It is not clear that Regals can survive on the greatly diminished acreage. To risk the destruction of the last eastern U.S. home for this magnificent animal to create a tracked vehicle maneuvering area is an incredible mistake.

In general, the military is doing a good job of protecting sensitive habitats on bases throughout the United States, and some of our most endangered butterflies can be found on these bases. But, the Pennsylvania National Guard is about to take an unalterably terrible step. Because the base is sensitive to public relations, you can help.

Please write a letter, expressing your hope that the Pennsylvania National Guard will change its plans for the Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation so that all Regal Fritillary habitat will be preserved.

Send your letter to:
Major General James W. Mac Vay, Adjutant General
PA Dept. of Military Affairs
Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003-5002

Send copies to:
Governor Tom Ridge
2035 North Front St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Jerry Hassinger
PA Game Commission
105 Adams La.
Millersburg, PA 17061.

Remember .. You Can Make a Butterfly Strong!

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19 March 2000
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