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Help NABA protect these critical pollinators. Together we can save butterflies across North America.

More Ways to Give

Many of our donors are choosing smarter giving, non-cash options that not only support our mission but may also offer a variety of valuable tax benefits. NABA has partnered with FreeWill to provide a number of tools to facilitate these donations. Click the buttons below to explore contributions of stocks and cryptocurrency, gifts from your IRA, and making a grant from a donor-advised fund.

Donating stocks allows you to avoid capital gains tax and often take a charitable deduction for the full value of the asset. Use this online stock tool from FreeWill, donate stock so we can track your gift, send you the correct receipt, and you can get the tax savings you deserve.

If you would prefer to make your donation through your broker, access our transfer information to notify NABA of your gift.

If you are 70.5 or older, giving from your IRA can help reduce your taxable income — and for those over 73 who must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), an IRA gift is a simple way to fulfill it! Use this tool to give from your IRA, you can auto-complete your paperwork and we can track your gift to send you the proper tax receipts.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are investment accounts for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations today. This secure DAF link:

● Automatically links with your DAF
● Allows you to recommend how you’d like your gift to be used
● Notifies NABA of your intentions

We now accept donations of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies! This gives us one more way to fund our work and can provide you with extra tax benefits. Give Cryptocurrency today:

When you include a gift to the North American Butterfly Association in your will, you make a meaningful impact on butterfly conservation for generations to come by helping us continue our work. Because of your generous support, NABA has made great strides protecting butterflies and their habitat. But our work is far from over; by listing NABA as a beneficiary, you can continue to contribute to creating a world where butterflies thrive, for the benefit of nature and people.

Legal Designation and Sample Wording

“I hereby give ________ (percentage, residuary share or specific amount or asset) to the North American Butterfly Association, 4 Delaware Road, Morristown, NJ 07960.”

Tax ID number: 13-3689481

Protect Butterflies at No Cost Today

NABA has partnered with FreeWill for our non-cash giving (Stocks, Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs, Donor Advised Funds and Cryptocurrency), but FreeWill also offers a free and easy way to write or update your will online. Many people like to include a gift to NABA in their will to ensure our work to conserve butterflies continues for generations to come. Get started today! 

Notify Us of Your Gift

If you have already included NABA as a beneficiary in your will, trust or retirement plans, please notify us of your gift by emailing [email protected] with your name, address, and any information you would like to share about the details of your contribution. We would love to thank you for your support and this information also helps us plan for the future.

Join a community of people passionate about butterflies and wildlife conservation, and help create a world where butterflies thrive, for the benefit of nature and people.

NABA members:

  • receive members-only publications: two gorgeous quarterly magazines, American Butterflies and Butterfly Gardener
  • get automatic membership in your local chapter (if there is one in your area), with access to local butterflying and community events
  • have a powerful voice in the fight to protect butterflies
  • protect butterflies by increasing habitat through the Butterfly Garden Certification Program and by monitoring populations through Butterfly Counts

Our members are the heroes at the heart of NABA’s work. Together we will find a way to create a sustainable future for butterflies and people.