Why Would You Want to Certify Your Butterfly Garden?

Butterfly Garden Certification Sign Planning and taking care of a garden is a lot of work! Don’t even get started talking about weeding, mulching, and watering, it can be such a big job. So why would a person want to take the time out of an already busy garden life to fill in a form and certify their butterfly garden?

Certifying your butterfly garden not only demonstrates your commitment to native butterflies but also lets others knows of your decision to improve habitat for both people and butterflies. Placing a certification sign in your house or garden helps to spread the word about your concern for butterflies and multiplies your efforts by encouraging other people to do something similar. The more people who replace nonnative lawns with butterfly and pollinator habitats, the better for our communities as well as butterflies. Every single butterfly garden certification helps demonstrate this fact. There is no reason why we can’t share the space humans use with all important pollinators.  By putting up a sign, you are letting others know that it is important to you and it helps to start a conversation that can result in more gardens and less lawns.

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